Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps from SH?R of Grand Rapids, MN are now available in store!

Beeswax wraps are a great, easy to clean, reusable way to wrap cheese, sandwiches, bread, bowls, containers, fruit and vegetables!

Take your next step toward reducing use of single-use plastics.

Showing support for rural grocery stores.

Support your local grocery stores. The New York Times published an article Nov 5th, highlighting the lack of accessibility to grocery stores in many of the same places that contribute to food production for the U.S.. (Click the image below to be brought to the full article.) In our community, every purchase you make, large AND small, is a contribution that allows us to stay open and continue offering locally sourced products.

Your participation matters to us! Thank you!

Holiday Bundles – A perfect customizable way to entertain.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but have you thought ahead to all the holiday gatherings after?
Order a Holiday Bundle from PDT. Customize your perfect Bundle with everything you need for the holiday party, or family get together and receive 10% off your entire order!

If you have any questions stop in store, or give us a call at 320-589-4332.

Follow the link below to begin!

Eggs during the winter….

Why is PDT low on eggs?

As fall sets in for the season, hens start to prepare their bodies for the winter. Much of their energy starts to be used for the production of stronger feathers to keep them warm. Another reason for the slow down in a hens egg production is a reduction in the amount of daylight hours. Hens need at least 12-14 hours of daylight to lay at their full potential.

Our great egg producers are keeping us as stocked as they can!

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Featured Product- Beyond Burger

Not Your Mother’s Veggie Patties

By : Thomas Hiatt 

Beyond Burger is not simply another veggie burger as they contain no actual vegetables, but rather vegetable derivatives. The central idea behind them is to “build meat directly from plants” which basically amounts to a reverse-engineering of the process an animal uses to break down what it consumes while removing the animal altogether from the equation. 

 The top two ingredients are water and pea protein isolate, simulating the texture and nutritional make-up of real beef. Beet juice extract and pomegranate fruit powder are used for the “blood” coloration. Sunflower lecithin is added as a binder. Expeller-pressed canola and refined coconut recreate the marbling effect of a high quality grind.. 

Fried up as patties, they retain their juiciness. However, chopped up they tend to 

dry out and lose much of their moist, chewy, “meaty” texture. Another disadvantage is the product being sold frozen while the instructions state it be cooked thawed. A bit of patience is required.  These issues aside, they taste very close to real beef, fooling even some self-affirmed carnivores in taste tests.

 Concerns about the sustainability issues of the traditional livestock industry (i.e, the effect on the land, the environment, as well the bovines themselves) are addressed here (although, to be fair, some improved practices of the beef industry, such as the open range grass cattle feeding, are becoming more eco-friendly.)   

They are ideal for vegan, kosher or halal diets.  

Fresh bread every Tuesday and Thursday!

Freshly baked, bakery made bread is at PDT! Falls Baking Co. freshly bakes bread, and has it speedily shipped to our store. Come pick up your bread today!

After a day in our store we freeze each loaf. Frozen bread can easily be enjoyed by thawing the loaf, and reheating it at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.

Image by OpenClipArt-Vectors from Pixabay.

Produce- week of July 15th

This week we have..

Local cabbage
Local tomatoes 
Local cucumbers 
Local beets
Local zucchini
Local parsley
Local kohlrabi
Ginger Root
Turmeric Root