A Brief History

Pomme de Terre Foods (fondly known as PDT) was founded in 1971 by a small group of students and faculty at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The desire for a local co-op and for alternative food sources led to an on-campus food co-op known as the Prairie Dog Store. The store was run entirely by volunteers and stock was minimal (mostly bulk food items). Membership was drawn primarily from UMM students and faculty, and the shop moved to various locations during the first four years. It was located in Pine Hall, Blakely Hall, and the P.E. Annex at different times.  You can read more about our early history here.

Today, PDT is managed by a group of local volunteers, and we are working with local vendors to provide the best produce, meat, dairy, and eggs that West Central Minnesota has to offer. We work closely with local farmers and community members to bring the Morris community fresh and organic foods without excessive shipping to keep our foodways as close to home as possible.