We have a coffee grinder in store available free of charge with any coffee purchase.

Peace Coffee – Roasted in Minneapolis, MN – Fair Trade, Organic


  • Birchwood Breakfast Blend, Medium Roast
  • French Roast, Dark Roast
  • French Roast, Dark Roast, Decaf
  • Guatemala, Dark Roast
  • Morning Glory, Light Roast
  • Morning Glory, Light Roast, Decaf
  • Peru, Medium Roast
  • Pollinator, Light Roast
  • Tree Hugger, Dark Roast
  • Twin Cities, Dark Roast

Small Bag

  • Birchwood, Medium Roast
  • Black Squirrel, Medium Roast
  • Blue Ox, Medium Roast
  • Colombia, Medium Roast

Sovereign Grounds – Roasted in Minneapolis, MN

We will no longer be carrying this product due to cost and low demand issues

  • Espresso – Sold Out
  • Turkish Roast – Less than a pound left
  • Anatolian Roast, Medium Roast
  • Papua New Guinea