Showing support for rural grocery stores.

Support your local grocery stores. The New York Times published an article Nov 5th, highlighting the lack of accessibility to grocery stores in many of the same places that contribute to food production for the U.S.. (Click the image below to be brought to the full article.) In our community, every purchase you make, large AND small, is a contribution that allows us to stay open and continue offering locally sourced products.

Your participation matters to us! Thank you!

Eggs during the winter….

Why is PDT low on eggs?

As fall sets in for the season, hens start to prepare their bodies for the winter. Much of their energy starts to be used for the production of stronger feathers to keep them warm. Another reason for the slow down in a hens egg production is a reduction in the amount of daylight hours. Hens need at least 12-14 hours of daylight to lay at their full potential.

Our great egg producers are keeping us as stocked as they can!

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Students get 5% off!

All UMM students receive 5% off their purchases at Pomme de Terre Foods!

Tips for getting the best deals at Pomme de Terre Foods!

  • Purchase bulk items such as oatmeal, rice, spices, flour, ect. (the more people that purchase them the fresher the products will be!)
  • Check in for local produce. We have the freshest vegetables during the summer, purchased from growers less than 50 miles away.
  • Try dried fruit for snacks.
  • Make it a habit to stop in at PDT as one of your grocery stops.