Buying in Bulk

Pomme de Terre Foods has MANY opportunities for you to buy in bulk! Buying in bulk does not mean you have to purchase huge packages or quantities, although you could! In our bulk section you get to scoop ANY amount of food into your own container (or one of ours if you forgot yours).

Thanksgiving Turkey

Reserve your Thanksgiving turkey today!! Stop in store to sign up for a tasty turkey to share. We have turkeys available from Toad Hill Farm of Appleton and Kadejan of Glenwood.

Space is limited, come in today!

Eggs during the winter….

Why is PDT low on eggs?

As fall sets in for the season, hens start to prepare their bodies for the winter. Much of their energy starts to be used for the production of stronger feathers to keep them warm. Another reason for the slow down in a hens egg production is a reduction in the amount of daylight hours. Hens need at least 12-14 hours of daylight to lay at their full potential.

Our great egg producers are keeping us as stocked as they can!

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Fresh bread every Tuesday and Thursday!

Freshly baked, bakery made bread is at PDT! Falls Baking Co. freshly bakes bread, and has it speedily shipped to our store. Come pick up your bread today!

After a day in our store we freeze each loaf. Frozen bread can easily be enjoyed by thawing the loaf, and reheating it at 375 degrees for 8 minutes.

Image by OpenClipArt-Vectors from Pixabay.

Produce week of July 29

This week we have…
Local cabbage
Local potatoes
Local garlic
Local zucchini
Local cucumber
Local Parsley
Turmeric root
Garlic root

Produce – week of July 22

This week we have…

Local cabbage

Local cucumber

Local zucchini

Local parsley

Local beets

Local kohlrabi



Ginger Root



Rainbow Carrots