Our Products

Our Products

Our store is fairly small, but our shelves are packed and we keep adding new items. We are continuously introducing many locally grown and sourced items – meats, cheeses, produce, whole grains, flours, and tortilla chips. PDT Foods takes pride in providing natural, organic, and local food items to the community. Following are just some of the items that we carry in our store.


Bulk Foods: Nuts, Grains, Baking Items, and Spices

Refrigerated Groceries: Packaged Goods, Drinks, Cheese, Eggs

Grocery Items

Looking for something we don’t carry?
Ask about placing a Special Order! There are many, many products available from our wholesalers that we don’t stock. We order groceries weekly, and many of our customers place special orders with us.

Click here for more information on placing a Special Order.

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